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Titan Vapez Premium E-Liquids are some of the finest juices you will ever try. It is very flavorful and puts out clouds, so you don't have to sacrifice flavor for clouds.
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Bootlegger Rum Runner Platinum
This is the number one selling tobacco flavor we sell. It is a sweet sugary caramel tobacco like you have never had. This amazing concoction is like a swisher sweet (tobacco) and a cinnamon sugar cookie combined. If you like custards, this should be your go to juice. It is hazelnut custard with a hint of coconut.
Goat's Milk Trinity Strawberry Cream Cake
Don’t let the name fool you, this sweet treat is a strawberry custard cream. This juice is a culinary masterpiece that just so happens to be a sweet and tasty vanilla cream brulee with a twist. There are other strawberry cheesecakes out there but none of them can compare to this one.
Blueberry Cream Cake Cookie Cheesecake Zelus
This cheesecake is with blueberries and you better buy a big bottle, because this juice is almost impossible to put down. Perhaps you don’t like fruits on your cheesecake. This baked sugar cookie was smashed together with cheesecake for the ultimate treat. The Wild Berry Skittles have been recreated to perfection with a strong peach/melon tone.
Flipside Magma Patriot
This blueberry lemonade will make you want to spend your summer evenings under the old shade tree. BURSTING RASPBERRY /LEMON INFUSED STRAWBERRYCURRENT , This concoction will have you wondering what it is. We will give you a hint, 16. That's right, 16 different fruit flavors making it one fruity vape.
Blood Orphan Dat Kream Dat Milk
This juice will have you wanting to orphan your other bottles of juice. It's a peach, vanilla, melon combination that will have you coming back for more. Want to know why you want Dat Kream?? Go ahead, ask. It's because it's not just one cream or two. Nope, it's five different creams for the perfect creamy vape. Dat Milk is a sugary strawberry dipped in fresh milk. It will make you feel like a kid again with a big cup of strawberry milk.
Jelly Donut Blueberry Lemon Donut Bonded
Jelly Donut Fresh out the fryer with a blueberry glaze and a touch of lemon. This sweet and sugary tobacco flavored goodnes
Smile like a Donut Milk of Athena Fountain of Poseidon
Everyone likes a fresh donut right out of the fryer. This juice will have you smiling for more. Desserts are an enjoyment of victory. This breakfast milkshake is as pure as the goddess herself. The god of water never fails the task of refreshment. This fruit blend of the sweetest fruit comes straight from the fountain itself.
Blood of Hermes
With scroll in hand and a goal in sight, he's taken this old favorite complexity of strawberry and coconuts and twisted it.